Free Java-Ajax Polling-Voting System (JAVS). As applications module. V.1.14

   Polling system - Voting system is very common in web sites. Voting can be about your site or blog or some other.
   Free Polling-Voting System is build, as module, with relational transactional PostgresSQL database back-end and jQuery scripting, handles one or multiple voting-one vote per. All management of Java-Ajax Voting system can be done using pgAdmin, console or other Postgres tools. Changes, made on table reflects on relational table vots and you'll not lose any statistical data.
   JAVS software developed by The license of this JAVA software is freeware, the price is free, you can free download and get a fully functional [1] freeware version of Java-Ajax Voting system. Always use genuine version that is released by original publisher

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Download Free Polling-Voting

Functionality and LimitationsVersion FreeVersion Pro (15 €)
Max number of votes in the poll4No limit
Max number of poll3No limit
Poll rotation (randomize)YesYes
IP MonitoringNoYes
Cookie MonitoringYesYes
Number of modules used1No limit
Initial ConfigurationBasic(built)Owner
Configuration from databaseYesYes
Configuration from embedded profileNoYes
Your own CSS stylesYesYes
Administration module(Basic CSS)NoYes

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1. Download archive Free Polling-Voting 1.14 and unpack.
2. Copy the folder named Poolling, to the root web directory.
3. Copy the file named poolling.jar to the lib directory of libraries Dynamic Web Application.
4. Initialize module. Add content to the file web.xml
<!-- Polling system -->
<!-- Polling system -->
5. Create a database structure, by running postgres.sql located in the archive.
6. Insert simple poll to database tables
INSERT INTO "public"."polling_query" ("id","query","width") VALUES (1,'What color do you like the most',250);
INSERT INTO "public"."polling_answer" ("query_id","answer","color") VALUES ( 1,'Red','#C00110');
INSERT INTO "public"."polling_answer" ("query_id","answer","color") VALUES ( 1,'Navy','#3100C1');
INSERT INTO "public"."polling_answer" ("query_id","answer","color") VALUES ( 1,'Green','#0E6901');
INSERT INTO "public"."polling_answer" ("query_id","answer","color") VALUES ( 1,'Grey','#5F5F5F');
7. Create jdbc connection pooling named - jdbc/poll
8. Add to web pages code, in HEAD
<link rel="stylesheet" href="Poolling/css.css">
<script type="text/javascript" src="Poolling/jquery.min.js"></script>
and where you need <jsp:include page="Poolling/polling.jsp" flush="true" ></jsp:include> 9. To reset, all session used. application.setAttribute("Poolling_QueryList",null); END.
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